About Us

Ashley Lee, RNAshley Lee, RN, BSN is an RN with 25 years of Pediatric Critical Care expertise in understanding the physiology of the body. She is also a Certified Allergy Relief Specialist who is one of the country’s leading experts in assisting Infants, Children and Adults in relieving their allergy symptoms. Her process of assisting you to alleviate chronic inflammation associated with allergies and sensitivities will allow you to breathe easier, eat desired foods and stop that pesky itching.

Ashley became an Allergy Relief Specialist after receiving treatments herself in 2010. It relieved her severe life-long asthma and hay fever that had required here to take steroid, bronchodilator and antihistamine medication for over thirty years. A month after receiving the AAT Treatments, all of her respiratory allergies cleared completely and the need for medications ceased. The Asthma and Hay fever was gone!

The freedom to breathe so changed her life that she decided she wanted to help others to relieve their suffering as well.  She combines this treatment process with educating you on how to best support your own healing process.

During your appointment you will receive the caring and comprehensive allergy testing, treatment process and plan of care to restore your body and relieve the inflammation you experience with allergies and sensitivities.

Ashley is also gifted in Energy Healing. She is a Healing Touch™, HTI/PA and a Vibrational Frequency™ Healing Provider.