Allergy Relief: How “Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Experiences” (PEMS) Affect Relief

All of us are governed by a Physical (P), Emotional (E), Mental (M), or Spiritual (S) “energetic” experience. I like to refer to them as PEMS. Here’s some info about PEMS for Allergy Relief:

P =  Many correlations in science and medicine have found that highly allergic people are also Highly Sensitive People (HSP). Numerous HSPs can “feel” feelings (emotional or physical) very strongly physically in their bodies. This includes feeling physical feelings, like pain, itching, etcetera are felt in their bodies. Many times, they are much more sensitive to pain, they can be extremely sensitive to itchiness, tissue inflammation and inflammatory mediators released in the blood stream, like histamine.

Many sensitives who experience allergies and those who aren’t sensitive and yet allergic hold similar physiological patterns of allergic responses within their Autonomic Nervous System’s when a foreign material a.k.a. an Antigen or Allergan enters the body either through inhalation, ingestion or contacting these particles which then triggers the inflammatory immune responses. These responses are tertiary to the body’s natural responses.

First, the typical physiological response of anyone’s body is to mechanically move out the foreign materials (like dust, pollen, etcetera) through sneezing, coughing, or rubbing the affected areas. The second layer of the body removing the foreign substances (antigens / allergans) is mucous production to encapsulate and move out these undesirable substances, though runny noses, watery eyes and diarrhea. The third layer of response the body has is the immune response, which sends of inflammatory mediators which are released in to the blood stream and sent to those areas affected in the body to degrade and remove these substances out of the body. When this level of response occurs and then occurs chronically for the person, other secondary problems and symptoms arise. Some of these more complicated symptoms can turn in to diseases and conditions, like IBS, chronic bloating, gas, constipation, eczema, asthma and hay fever.

E = Other components to chronically allergic people are emotional components. Once a person experiences a physical response to an allergy, no matter the age, depending upon the severity of the body’s reaction, emotional trauma at the same time or the severity of how one is highly sensitive can trigger a response inside our emotional awareness. These emotional responses can be remembered or held in place as patterns of feeling overwhelmed, not sure if its going to get better, powerless to change what is happening in my body and many other emotions triggered by beliefs we believe about how our body does or does not function.

M = Now, this moves us in to talking about mental components to allergies and other forms of auto-immune conditions. What I mean by mental, is our mental thoughts about how our body does or does not work, does or does not react to our outside or inside ourselves worlds we perceive. I call these Body Beliefs. When we believe a certain way about our bodies…. our bodies actually respond to those thoughts and beliefs. We then create our body’s way of reacting through our thoughts and the responses manifest, physically.

What are your favorite beliefs? Some might sound like this:

“I have a weak immune system”
“My sinuses always give me problems”
“I hate my sinuses”
“My body hates me”
“My nose always drips in winter”
“I’m allergic to Life”.

These are obstacles to healing allergies and other physical ailments we may experience.

S = Sometimes, there can be even spiritual or even energetic reasons why allergies may persist, especially in a family lineage. An example could be where we may have the need to suffer that could relate to Family Constellation spiritual and emotional issues. Annie Peterson-Kolatkar from the SF Center for Emotional Healing, and Master Facilitator shares,  “I often see health problems as a way to belong in the family. Often we see three generations having the same medical problems and it gets blamed on genetics. But it is emotions, thought patterns, beliefs and spiritual issues that trigger genes to turn on. A particular state of health is not an automatic given. Just because we could have a genetic predisposition, doesn’t mean we have to have a genetic expression. If someone has perfect health, they often feel like a traitor in the family system if they have it better than those who came before. This guilt keeps medical conditions stuck in place.”

As part of your healing, I talk with you about these many PEMS layers and help you release all the old patterns in your body so that you can be allergy free!

Living without allergies is possible! If you’d like to book an appointment, you may do so now at this online scheduler.

I am living proof of this… after being born with Asthma and Allergies, I am now completely clear of Allergies, five years and counting, after suffering with them for 46 years!

Warmest regards,
Ashely Lee