Allergy Relief: How “Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Experiences” (PEMS) Affect Relief

All of us are governed by a Physical (P), Emotional (E), Mental (M), or Spiritual (S) “energetic” experience. I like to refer to them as PEMS. Here’s some info about PEMS for Allergy Relief: P =  Many correlations in science and medicine have found that highly allergic people are also Highly Sensitive People (HSP). Numerous HSPs can “feel” […]

Healing Energy Artwork – Can Art Support Healing In Your Body?

Healing Energy Artwork – Can Art Support Healing In Your Body? The body reveals the symptoms of your Mind where you have made your judgments about your experiences in Life, both unconscious and conscious. The body is simply a reflection of your inner consciousness. Healing energy artwork is created from a place of deep connection […]

Part II – How Common Allergens Affect You: Examples of the Allergens We Can Clear

Below is a list of food, animals, airborne irritants, chemicals and stimuli examples that are available for clearing. Considering that there are over 50,000 unique items in our database that we can test you for and clear, the list presented here is just a teaser. Stimuli – aka Sensitivities Hyper – Sensitivities Altitude Barometric Pressure […]

Part I – How Common Allergens Affect You: The Allergens Responsible For Your Symptoms

The following symptoms and conditions can be addressed using AAT. This is a short list and meant to be an example for educational purposes. Your specific problem may not be listed, and you are welcome to a free ten-minute consultation to have your top questions answered. The top three allergy symptom areas are found in […]

Sick of Allergies?

Sick of Allergies? Help is available now to: breathe easier itch less eat the foods you desire! Questions to ask yourself: Are you tired of allergies and food sensitivities limiting your enjoyment of life? Of not being able to eat the foods you love or having to take medication to enjoy nature or your pets? […]