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Allergy Relief: How “Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Experiences” (PEMS) Affect Relief

All of us are governed by a Physical (P), Emotional (E), Mental (M), or Spiritual (S) “energetic” experience. I like to refer to them as PEMS. Here’s some info about PEMS for Allergy Relief: P =  Many correlations in science and medicine have found that highly allergic people are also Highly Sensitive People (HSP). Numerous HSPs can “feel” […]

Sick of Allergies?

Sick of Allergies? Help is available now to: breathe easier itch less eat the foods you desire! Questions to ask yourself: Are you tired of allergies and food sensitivities limiting your enjoyment of life? Of not being able to eat the foods you love or having to take medication to enjoy nature or your pets? […]