Healing Energy Artwork – Can Art Support Healing In Your Body?

Healing Energy Artwork – Can Art Support Healing In Your Body?

The body reveals the symptoms of your Mind where you have made your judgments about your experiences in Life, both unconscious and conscious. The body is simply a reflection of your inner consciousness. Healing energy artwork is created from a place of deep connection with the Divine (conscious meditation with the Source of healing) and the resulting art piece contains the energy of the healing frequencies that resonate with the soul’s judgments and works to release the pain and suffering associated with the judgments.

Once the soul begins to release the suppressed emotions from the life experiences, the healing begins. The symptom layers start to peel away and the body is free to move energies around more freely in a way that supports and generates new life at the cellular level.

Both Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD and Dr. Candace Pert, PhD of the National Institute of Mental Health have widely documented how the cells, especially brain cells, radically change as the energy of the emotions are brought into balance.

You will find, as you gaze at healing energy artwork, that emotions shift and certain areas of the artwork will capture your attention at different times. This is your inner wisdom paying attention to what is most needed by you. It is a remarkable experience.

Please come in and visit my gallery of healing energy artwork by local artist Judy McNutt and see for yourself.

To your health and well-being,

Gradually or all at once you will begin to see differently, to notice feeling higher frequencies of health, perhaps a sense of life as a journey, connection with spirit, prosperity and feelings of completeness, unconditional love, treasured personal relationships, loving family relationships, happy and thriving children, an awareness of your own creativity, deep knowingness, self-cultivation signals for your inner-being and quite possibly an AWARENESS of further dimension. You may even be entering angelic realms! This is your connecting point to Judy McNutt’s Art On Purpose.

Judy McNutt’s Main Art Website
Here is a sample of her artwork. Notice what captures your attention and allow the imagery to begin shifting your experience. You need not know what experience needs shifting, allow your Higher Self to make that determination. You may find yourself yawning or sighing deeply. These are signs that you are releasing energy that no longer serves you.