Allergy Clearing Work

Allergy Clearing Work
Allergy Clearing Work is a practice where allergies are released from the body by accessing the autonomic nervous system by releasing the “held” information in the immune system.

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT)
AAT specifically targets the imbalances between the inflammatory symptoms and its correlating organs, which is correctable in each person.

Our database contains over 50,000 allergens which we can test for and clear. An acupressure wand delivers corrections to the spinal area with gentle taps.

In most cases, symptoms are reduced significantly or eliminated within the first 1-3 treatments and produce rapid, long-term results.

Remote allergy clearings are available, too.

What Kinds of Allergies Does It Work On?
Dust – Dust Mites – Molds – Pollens – Grass – Chemicals – Latex – Soap – Shampoo – Detergent – Perfumes – Gluten – Wheat   Eggs  – Sugar – Chocolate – Coffee – Caffeine – Wine – Beer – Tomatoes – Corn – Fruit – Citrus – Strawberries – Blueberries
Soy – Salicylates  – Milk  –  Metal  –  Sunlight – Avocado – Coconut – Preservatives  – Nitrates  – Nuts – Plus 50,000 more…

“My son is no longer allergic to peanuts and he is now 4 years old. ”
–K. Boudreault, CA

“I had 8 treatments done which cleared up my allergies and a lot of my asthma.” –J. Abdo, CA

“I highly recommend AA&HS to parents who have children with sensory processing issues, unexplained health issues, gut issues and reoccurring respiratory distress. We have seen great improvements to food tolerance, decrease in illnesses, reduction of behavior issues and better concentration at school.”
–A. Kolatkar, CA

“My son, after 3 months (10 treatments) is off all medication and has used his inhaler only three times in the last three months.”
–J. & G. Schwalm, CA