Ashley Lee and her unique and natural allergy treatments cured my son of his peanut allergy.

When my son turned one we were so excited to let him try peanut butter.  Little did we know that he would end up at the doctors with red dots and a rash after having just a few bites of organic peanut butter.  We had blood work done and were headed down the path of seeing an Allergist, MD. I really didn’t want to put my son through all of needle sticks and testing that come along with seeing an MD.

This is when I ran into Ashley at Children’s hospital. Somehow we got on the topic of my sons allergies. When she told me that she could treat him, I was elated. Being a nurse myself, I wanted to see if there was another treatment path for him.

Ashley, is excellent with children and my son looked forward to seeing her.  She treated him three times.  The third appointment was not a treatment but a follow up to see if the first two treatments worked.  I am happy to say that they did. The treatments were simple and non invasive. They consisted of using a computer and a special Advanced Allergy Therapeutics – AAT. My son was tired after the treatments but just for the day.  My son is no longer allergic to peanuts and he is now 4 years old.

I would highly recommend Ashley not only for her alternative allergy treatments but also her other health solutions.
-Kirsten Boudreault, RN,BSN

I heard about Ashley from a coworker and decided to give her method a try. She is so welcoming and knowledgeable, everything just felt so easy. I had 8 treatments done which cleared up my allergies and a lot of my asthma. Ashley has a holistic approach to medicine which makes such a difference because you end up feeling strong and healthy. I really suggest that you follow her advice throughout the process because she tailors everything to your needs. I am an absolute believer in your method. Thank you so much Ashley!
-Jacqueline Abdo

My daughter, age 5.5, has a dual-diagnosis of Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder. With it came some interesting health problems and, along with some inherited allergies like hay fever, she developed some unusual allergies from some of her hospital experiences. Ashley figured those out using her vast NICU knowledge in the hospital, some intuition, process of elimination and muscle testing then cleared them all. I highly recommend Ashley to parents who have children with sensory processing issues, unexplained health issues, food allergies that are linked to gut issues and reoccurring respiratory distress. We have seen great improvements to food tolerance, decrease in illnesses, reduction of behavior issues and better concentration at school.
–Anne Peterson, San Diego, CA
PS: Here she is bonding with my daughter!

I am absolutely amazed at the results of my son’s Advanced Allergy Therapeutic treatments with Ms. Ashley. When we came for treatment he was taking six medications and had been prescribed Prednisolone two times in six weeks for uncomfortable Asthma attacks.

He is six years old and we have been moving every six months to change his environments for the small reprieve it provided since he was two years old.

We tried everything, including diet modification, nutrition therapy, western medications, physical and environmental changes with limited or no success.

We were blessed to be recommended to Mr. Darcy for Nutrition Therapy, who in turn, recommended Ms. Ashley for the AAT work. My son, after 3 months (10 treatments) is off all medication and has used his inhaler only three times in the last three months.

We are so very grateful for the treatment and care provided to us in helping our son to be healthy for the first time since infancy.
-Joy & George Schwalm

I have a 3 year old and an 11 month old.  My 11 month old hadn’t been sleeping for months and my husband and I knew it had to do with allergies but our Dr. told us he was too young to test for any.  Ashley was referred to me by a family member and at first I was hesitant to believe such a thing as energy would be able to help my son sleep and assist him with his congestion.  However, after my second visit with Ashley, two days later, my son was sleeping through the entire night and waking up with almost no congestion at all.  I have been feeling better because I’ve been able to get sleep and my son is more vibrant and in a much better mood in the morning because the sleep he is getting is interrupted.  I would recommend Ashley to anyone and have already told friends about her.

Jessi F. mother